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Media & Accessories

Amantii offers a wide variety of accessories for your electric fireplace that are realistic and well made unlike any other brand on the market. Our accessories include a realistic log set, a glowing ember bed, a selection of different colored fire glass, a variety of flame media kits, and a range of remote control options. All of our accessories are designed to be easy to install, durable, and aesthetically pleasing that only enhances our electric fireplaces.

how to arrange amantii log-set and media in your new fireplace?

When arranging the Amantii log-set and media in your new fireplace, there is no specific or prescribed way to do it. The process of arranging the media is entirely up to your personal choice and creativity. As a consumer, you have the freedom to decorate the fireplace in a way that reflects your own unique style and preferences. Feel free to experiment and arrange the log-set and media in a manner that brings joy and aesthetics to your living space. Enjoy the process of decorating your fireplace!

For ideas please visit our design ideas page to take a look at some of our roomshots with our fireplace in them for arrangement ideas

Fire Glass

Decorative fire glass media, diamonds and clear glass nuggets

FI-106-DIAMOND – Kit Includes: 3 extra large glass rocks

Fire Glass Media ‐ suitable for Gas and Electric fireplaces

Clear Reflective – AMSF-GLASS-01

Light Brown Reflective – AMSF-GLASS-02

Charcoal Reflective Fireglass – AMSF-GLASS-03


Champagne -AMSF-GLASS-04

Dark Grey Reflective – AMSF-GLASS-05

Clear Gem – AMSF-GLASS-06


White Frosted Fireglass – AMSF-GLASS-07

Dusty Purple Frosted – AMSF-GLASS-08

Amber Small Bead – AMSF-GLASS-09

Orange Small Bead – AMSF-GLASS-10

SunTea Small Bead – AMSF-GLASS-11

Black Small Beads Fireglass – AMSF-GLASS-12

Sable Large Beads Fireglass – AMSF-GLASS-13

Smokey Grey and White Small Bead – AMSF-GLASS-14

Ocean Blue – AMSF-GLASS-15

Canyon Brown – AMSF-GLASS-16

Fi-107-Diamond – Kit Includes: 6 glass nuggets

FI-109-Diamond – Ice Media Kit Includes: 3 large glass rocks, 95 clear diamond media, 10 blue
diamond media and a package of clear acrylic media

Turn your fireplace into a expressive work of art by simply adding our decorative fire glass media.

FI-106-DIAMOND – Kit Includes: 3 extra large glass rocks

Designer Media Kits & Log-sets

 Our Glass Media and Logsets accessories are the perfect addition to your electric fireplaces. Our glass media kits are designed to provide a beautiful and vibrant display of your fire, while our logsets add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your fireplace. Our glass media kits come with everything you need to create a stunning visual display, including tempered glass media containers, glass ember beds, and more.

NEW 18PCE Oak-Logset

DESIGN-MEDIA-OAK-18PCE – OAK – 18 Piece Deluxe Media Kit Includes: 18 logs, stones, pebbles &

DESIGN-MEDIA-14PCE – RUSTIC – 14 Piece Deluxe Media Kit Includes: 14 logs, stones, pebbles &

DESIGN-MEDIA-OAK-10PCE – OAK – 10 Piece Media Kit Includes: 10 logs, 2 colors of real fireglass, 2
colors of vermiculite

DESIGN-MEDIA-15PCE – DRIFTWOOD – 15 Piece Deluxe Media Kit Includes: 15 logs, stones, peb-
bles & embers

LOG-16PCE – SPLIT LOG – 16 Piece Deluxe Media Kit Includes: 16 logs, stones, pebbles
& embers

DESIGN-MEDIA-BIRCH-10PCE – BIRCH – 10 Piece Media Kit Includes: 10 logs, 2 colors of real fireglass, 2 colors of vermiculite

DESIGN-MEDIA-BIRCH-15PCE – BIRCH – 15 Piece Deluxe Media Kit Includes: 15 logs, stones, pebbles &

Design Media Driftwood 6PCE

LARGE – BIRCH – 12 large logs. Recommended for TRD 38″, 44″, 48″, Tru View XL,
Tru View XT-XL, Panorama -BI Deep XT, SYM XT

Natural 8 Piece Log Set

10305532 5 Piece Log Set

10305519 6 Piece Log Set